Angie Jernejcic (Ger-NAY-sik) is an award-winning art director with ten years' experience creating richer, truer brand identities for clients of all sizes, from giants like Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
to single-owner businesses like the Fairy Tale Factory.

After graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology with an AAS in Industrial Design and a BA in Fine Arts (Graphic Design), Angie burned the candle at both ends for seven years at Clarity, Saatchi + Saatchi, and Partners + Napier. But after one too many run-ins with bureaucracies that lagged behind the pace of new media, her devotion to the industry began to sour. She still loved the work, but she needed to execute her concepts before they became stale and irrelevant. She needed clients and co-workers who understood they were in the middle of a media revolution. Eventually she decided that she needed a change.

So when her boyfriend suggested they move to Seattle, Washington to start a new life together, she said yes. She took two (almost three!) years off from client work. She worked part-time as a barista and reveled in the immediacy and honesty of making really great lattes. She took drawing classes, letterpress classes, and other classes at the SVC. She made jewelry. But advertising was always there, like a virus in a dormant phase. She still read all the trade journals and blogs. She created logos for friends' companies, just for fun. She concepted campaigns and kept an inspiration board. And slowly
she started freelancing again. Just a little bit here and there, as favors for friends.

Then one day she woke up and realized she was ready to work at an agency again. But not just any agency. This time she's looking for an agency that's nimble, innovative, and a little bit zany. She wants to work with people who have long-term relationships with their clients, and who solve real problems with great ideas, instead of just answering client briefs. She wants to find a place where AEs and creatives live together in harmony and answer the real problems, and get the job done right.

Call her crazy. Call her a dreamer. She won't mind. All the best creatives are.